Blog Guidelines

    A. Manners
(A-1) Profanity of any sort is NOT tolerated, including vulgar phrases or swear words.
(A-2) Giving out OTHERS’ personal information is not okay. Please just don’t do it.
(A-3) Respect other members and treat them as you would like to be treated.
(A-4) Help new people, this is mainly an attitude thing. Have a mentor frame of mind, not one of superiority.
(A-5) When in a debate, BE RESPECTFUL. The best approach is to explain YOUR viewpoint, not trash someone else's! Wield your words wisely. Don't say things like, "That's the stupidest thing I've every heard in my life!" etc… Something more mature like, "Well, I think that..." or even asking questions, is always better.
(A-6) Please do not double or triple post. If you want to add something to a previous post, please use the edit feature.
(A-7) Please stay on topic, if you are on a specific thread keep it on topic. If you are going off topic please move it to the chat window.
(A-8) Condescending Remarks, this is important. Please don't be arrogant and condescending. This is a signof immaturity. (in people of ANY age) EVEN IF SOMEONE GETS ON YOUR NERVES DON’T ACT RUDELY TO THEM! Do not use speech like, "Your arguments are remedial. Clearly you are an idiot with a squirrel's brain." Intentionally making other people feel 2'' tall does not mean you are intelligent.
(A-9) Please, not everyone has not read all of a author's books, before you give out a Spoiler please please please give a warning like;
They found their mittens!