Monday, August 26, 2013

I Am Divergent

    Okay, so I've already read Divergent and Insurgent last summer, but I'm rereading them in preparation for the finale, Allegiant. (Author = Veronica Roth) I will be pre-ordering the final book. And I can NOT wait until it comes out!
    But as I read this series again, and as I write my many, MANY WIPs, I come to the realization that... I. AM. DIVERGENT.
    In this series, every person must choose which personality they identify themselves with.
    Here's the problem.
    I cannot choose.
    In some way or another...
    I am each of these traits: selfless, brave, honest, peaceful, intelligent. I could be Erudite, Dauntless, Candor, Amity, Abnegation.
    But I am Divergent.
    In a way, this also identifies with my life as an author.
    I cannot identify myself with just one genre or style of writing. The many worlds I've created, each of them must be unique in their diversity.
    Each of them is Divergent.
    As their creator...
    I am Divergent.
    And so... every author likely comes to this crossroads: they can choose just one genre in which to write, one path on which to go.
    Or they can explore and master each genre, each style.
    It is nearly impossible for me and my kind (writers) to choose just one personality, just one genre.
    I am Divergent.
    We are Divergent.
    One choice will transform us...
    or it can destroy us...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

GIVEAWAY of Paradox!

Hey, all! Guess what?! I've been showcased on the Notebook Sisters blog and they are hosting a giveaway of Paradox, my debut novel! Check it out here! Be sure to read all THREE author interviews in the post. For extra entries, you can add my book to your to-read shelf on Goodreads, follow my blog, or my Facebook author page!
    I am really honored to be showcased among a pool of authors on the Notebook Sisters blog. There are already more than 500 entries in the giveaway with 12 days left! You'd better hurry up and get your entries in!
    Total, there are 56 possible entries, so head on over! You have a pretty big chance of winning at least SOMETHING there!

    What are the prizes???

  •     An e-copy of A Stretch of Loyalty (INT) by Jack Lewis Baillot
  •     An e-copy of Haphazardly Implausible (INT) by Jack Lewis Baillot
  •     2 HARDCOPIES of The Soldier's Cross (USA) by Abigail Hartman
  •     1 HARDCOPY of Paradox (USA) by Brian McBride
There are SO many awesome prizes you can win so make sure you have your name in the hat!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Updates on Life and Things and Stuff

Hey, all! Yeah, I know I've been neglecting this blog, but I have not stopped blogging. As a major update, I'd like to let you all know that I have officially begun to co-author a blog YA Writers Alumni (YAWA for short) with five other highschool graduates who write. YAWA is a community for YA Writers who have graduated highschool. A lot of us are previous members of Go Teen Writers (GTW) Be sure to check out the Facebook group.
    In writing news, my book sales of begun to slow down, but have remained at a decent pace. However, I hope to continue selling books. If you haven't bought yourself a copy, be sure to check it out here!
    I have also taken a break on writing book three of The Starcrafters' Saga, to begin my next series, a dystopian titled The CHAOS Trilogy. Below, I have generously decided to share some concept art.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Concept Design

Will YOU join the Chaotics in this fight to regain humanity? To discover your place in a broken world, where those wrought with the disease known as CHAOS must break the prison their very blood has bound them in.
    I hope that The Chaos Trilogy is my debut into the traditional market and book one is underway.