Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now that my book is DONE...

Okay... So, if you've been keeping yourself updated as to the progress of Paradox, then you know by now that I have FINISHED!!!! Woot, woot!
Now, for the hard part...
Yes, all you who have written books, or anything for that matter, know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Yup! I am now in the process of editing my book. The good news is, once that is done, I can give the copies to my pre-readers, and THEN... I can get started publishing it!
So, my dear readers, friends, family, and elves, keep an eye out for book 1 of the Starcrafters Saga!!!

Signing off,

Monday, February 27, 2012

In Need of a Prayer

(This blog post will be short) The title of this post really says it all. I'm in need of prayer.
As of late, as I try to finish my book, serious problems of continually arisen. For a couple weeks I was unable to access my computer, due to the fact that it wouldn't charge. Then, for another week it was off getting fixed. Then, for the week after that, I was having difficulty keeping my cord working (I had to wiggle it around and keep it in one continuous position lest it stop charging... again). Finally, I had to get a new cord, my third one to go through. :(
    So... if you (the readers) could send up a prayer for me (the writer), I would appreciate so much.

God bless,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Eric Wilson - I recommend

Okay, so, Eric Wilson has written several amazing books. And I'd like to spread the word for him. :) So here it goes...

Number one on my list is... Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy.
    This trilogy is amazing. It shows the redemptive qualities of Christs everlasting blood and gives it a sy-fy twist.
I'd also like to spread the word on Wilson's newest books:
One Step Away and Two Seconds Late
Product Details Product Details

And here are several more of his amazing books:
The Best of EvilProduct Details
A Shred of TruthProduct Details
Dark to Mortal EyesProduct Details
Expiration DateProduct Details

And here is the link for

A Nod to Narnia in my book!!!

Yes, you read that right. :) In my book, I have written a subtle, yet (hopefully) noticeable nod to one of the best Book/TV franchises to ever exist.
You wanna read it???
maybe I'll let you...
I have to think about it though...
I've thought about it!
Here ya go!

    Jake pushed the door open all the way, turned to see David and Alicia doing the same, and entered the well-lit room.
    The room wasn’t very big. It looked about the size of an average bedroom.
    Jake looked around. The walls were bare, save for a square, stain-glass window in the middle of the wall across from him. On the right side, at the end, stood tall a large, brown wardrobe. The curves, and engravings gave the wardrobe a smooth, beautiful look. 
    At the left end there was a brown chest, similar in style to the wardrobe. It’s round lid had the same symbol as that on the door to the room engraved on it. 
    Jake walked to the wardrobe first. He reached for the elegant, iron knobs that were attached to the to doors. He opened the doors wide. 
    Leaning against the inside was a sheathed sword. Next to it, at the bottom of the wardrobe, was a shining helmet. Jake could see his surprised expression reflected in it. 
    He grabbed the sword’s leather scabbard with his left hand and slid the heavy blade out with his right. It was identical to the sword Valar had given him. He ran his fingers along the foreign inscription. 
    Jake sheathed the sword and grabbed the helmet. He closed the wardrobe and walked over to the other side of the room, where the chest was.

Enjoy! And please remember that all material on this blog is COPYRIGHTED!!! Thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Something Original

It's what we all, as writers, struggle with. Something original. It's that thing that we strive to find. We're grasping into the heavens, hoping to pull down the "catch of the day", but all we seem to find is something totally and completely...
We seem to be constantly repeating books that have already been written. That, or our hands our continually come back empty, leaving us with blank minds, and, sadly, blank paper.
But do not fear! There is hope!
Eventually you'll get lucky! ;)
Just kidding.
Everyone comes up with something original sometime. All you really have to do, is persevere. Don't lose heart. Writing is hard, and there will be challenges. NEVER give up!

God bless you as you continue on your journey (or start it) of writing,

The Dreadful Disease :O

Yes. I said the dreadful disease. If you're a writer, then you've caught. All writers, everywhere, have caught.
It is...
wait for it...
hang on...
I think I have it somewhere...
here it is...
Writer's Block!!!
*dun dun dun*
Writer's block. Everyone hates it. Why? It's that lack of flow of inspiration. And we all know that inspiration is something that writers need. Yes, I said need. As a writer, inspiration is a key element in writing.
How do you prevent writer's block, you ask? Well, really there's no way to stop writer's block. It's something you kinda have to go with. "Go with the flow."
However, you can keep inspiration going. I like to use these few key steps:
1. Prayer
    With prayer, we can ask God to inspire us and give us the words to get our message across.
2. Concentration
    Try to put yourself in a place where you can focus on what you're doing. Try to keep from watching while writing, because, then, you'll only get about 100 words or so done. Yes, I say this from experience. :)
3. Time
    Don't have time to focus? Make time. I'm sure there's something you could do to make time for writing.
The most important part to writing is... DON'T GET STRESSED! When you're stressed, you can't concentrate. When you can't concentrate, you can't write.
So, to that end, I bid you a fond farewell, and I pray that you can steer clear from the dreadful disease known only as WRITER'S BLOCK!\


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't believe in doorways to other worlds? I do.

    Don't believe in doorways to other worlds? Well... I do.
    I call them books. To me, books, if written perfectly, are gateways to other worlds where there are countless possibilities. They are portals to universes billions and billions of miles away.
    Sometimes, even, they hold secrets of times past and unlock treasures of the future and of our own hearts. With them, we can see right and wrong painted clearly before us. We can learn to not pre-judge others and to love unconditionally. We can see vast landscapes of the planet that was made by God and that "God so loved, that He gave..."
    With them we can travel into the stars, watch supernovas explode, see battles between the Angels of the hosts of heaven and the demons of the pits of hell.
    With them we can watch as Jesus shed His blood for mankind, as the partition, the veil, is torn in two.
    With them we can travel to fantastic worlds where we can be elves, dwarves, hobbits, knights, damsels, princes, princesses, Dragonkeepers, etc...
     Without them... our imagination is kept in a cell of utter darkness and despair. Without them, we our bound by chains of hopelessness, wrapped in ropes of fire, burning away our ability to see right from wrong.
    Without them... we would be lawless, hopeless, dead to the world.
    Without them... we wouldn't know of salvation, of Jesus' suffering, and of God's sacrifice.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The New Revolution: Change - Part 2

Change... Something that intimidates many, yet excites many others.
Change... Something that is inevitable.
Change... Something we all need.
Change... A vital part in starting a new revolution.

Some people often fear change. They're comfortable in their rut of conformity. They're comfortable in their stagnant waters. They're comfortable with their dull lives. They're comfortable with the status quo. They don't want to give anything up, to sacrifice anything.

But some people are open to change.

So who will lead the charge in this new revolution? Those open to change, or those who fear it?

Why is change so vital to the revolution? - If you are open to change then you are open to sacrifice. If we set an example of openness for the world, then we can change it. We can revolutionize the world through change.   In order to help the world be open to change, we must be ourselves.

We need to get out of our rut of conformity. We need to stir up our stagnant waters. We need to revitalize our dull lives. We need to abandon the status quo and the expectations of our generation. We need to learn to sacrifice the worldly to change the Kingdom.

"It takes change to change a broken world..."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Elusive Faith - by Esther Seaton Dummer

Well then, I have something very important and exciting to share. My grandmother, new to the published author's community, though not new to the writer's community, has written a wondrous book entitled Elusive Faith.

Esther Seaton Dummer is a veteran pastor along with her husband, Loren Dummer, and they are the founders of Going Up to High Places, a biannual conference at Clatskanie Assemblies of God church, Gateway Worship Center.

Elusive Faith    "'Faith' may not seem like the most exciting subject to study. But then again, perhaps a fresh wind is blowing on what some consider a 'stale' subject; entering this powerful study of the topic just might revolutionize your faith life.
    "You may not be the same once you have ventured onto this dusty road again, pushing past every obstacle that hinders your progress into a deeper relationship with God and His Word."

A word from the author: "I pray that as you receive this ministry, God will drop this fresh word deep into your heart and bring encouragement in your journey of faith - and that you, too, will learn the joy of sojourning!"

A Review: "A must read for anyone who desires to know the 'why', 'when', and 'how' of their own life. It is equally vital to a church that seems to have all of the equipment for success, but, the fruit of their efforts seems pitiful and lacking in light of the immense needs of their congregants, their community, and humanity at large." 
~ Patti Thompson, author of Ashes to Gold and  Dance of the Broken Heart, both widely read within the Christian community.

For anyone who is interested, here is the link:

Only $11,01! Order Now!

Note: Now I'm starting to sound like a commerciali! XD

God bless,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review - Gravestone by Travis Thasher

One word comes to mind when I think of Gravestone by Travis Thrasher. Wow! This book was incredibly well-written, Thrasher definitely wrote another work of art. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for an EXCELLENT read. However, due to material not suitable for young children, I must give this book a PG-13 rating. But keep in mind that you can read it even if you are younger than 13, I am just suggesting that age limit.

Author of the written word