Book Review Policy


If you are an author who is looking for reviews and recommendations of your works, feel free to contact me at

email: join_the_starcrafters (at) yahoo (dot) com - just replace the words in parentheses for their symbol counterparts.

or comment below!


    I am open to review any Christian novels and some non-Christian novels, so long as they fit the criteria below. I will review only fiction, and am open to all available genres: romance; suspense; horror; thrillers; historical; dystopia; steampunk; etc...

Non-Christian Book Review Policy

    I will review only non-Christian fiction as long as it fits the following criteria:

  • Extremely vulgar language is NOT acceptable. Mild language may be accepted to a point
  • Inappropriate behavior - sexual behavior, crude humor, and the like - is NOT acceptable unless used to touch the reader's heart and as an example of redemption even after mistakes, as in To Save A Life by Jim and Rachel Britts. Mild flirtation and kissing IS acceptable.
  • I will NOT review non-Christian fiction that involves demonic creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, demons, or fallen angels.
  • I will NOT review non-Christian fiction that involves dark magic, witchcraft, wizardry, the occult, satanism, and the like.
  • I will NOT review non-Christian fiction that blatantly disrespects the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit), and/or denies His existence and Divinity.