Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"The Midnight Labyrinth - The Guardian Chronicles" by Sahara Adalyn Moran - A Book Review

Guardians, wizards, the Midnight Labyrinth - all part of the past. Forgotten elemnts of the mighty battles fought in the ancient times of Aselda and its lands. Even the Dragon Warriors seem to be just parts of the fable stories told to the children of the kingdom of Aselda. Anyone who exercises magic is considered a follower of the legendary evil sorcerer Seuderak. The safe havens are coming to ruin, leaving no safe places to flee to. The monsters that once threatened Aselda's lands seem to have reappeared, lurking in the shadows, awaiting any stragglers.
    The only hope that glimmers in the darkness are three unlikely champions - a young inexperienced king, the most wanted thief in all of Aselda, and her younger brother. But will anyone trust them? Most importantly, can they trust each other? If they can even survive the Royal Guard, they will have even harder challenges ahead of them.

Fan-tas-tic! Sahara Adalyn Moran's debut novel, The Midnight Labyrinth, book one in The Guardian Chronicles, was an amazing tale. It had an abundance of memorable characters, vivid imagery, emotional twists, and fantastic action-packed sequences. It is packed full of amazing and imaginative creatures and races.
    Arella - one of the many main characters - is a thief, who has lost her parents and must struggle with her grief as well as take care of her younger brother, Jared. Arella is the protective, strong older sister, even though she tries to hide her weakness. Hansrai is the king-who-wishes-he-wasn't. Jared is the clueless Chosen One. Each of these characters come with an abundance of faults and weaknesses - which is fantastic! Because it makes them more realistic, and therefore, more "relatable" (I know that's not a word).
    The plot was well-fleshed-out and beautifully written, right up to the last sentence, which just so happened to be a cliffhanger!
    Language-absolutely none! Well, there is English. ;) Okay, that was kind of cheesy. There is mild violence - two sword blades are used like a pare of scissors to sever a head, among many other fight scenes. The Midnight Labyrinth comes with an abundance of monsters and creatures as well. There is no suggestive content either.
    The only disappointment that this book brought with it is the cliffhanger at the end. I mean, what happens next?!

4 of 5 stars.
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