Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another year gone by...

    Today, I finished school for the year. I found myself thinking of how at this time last year, I was in the middle of writing my first-ever novel, The Paradox. And now, it is finished and in the process of being edited.
    I was also thinking of my goals for this summer and the remainder of the year.
    These are what I came up with:

    1. Complete The Eclipse
    2. Start the Starcrafters' Saga spin-off, Welcome to Haven.
    3. Complete NaNoWriMo
    4. Get up to one-hundred followers on my blog.

    There were others, but I can't seem to think of them right now. (I'm very tired *yawn*)
    Another year's gone by. We've grown older, matured, accomplished goals that we've never before completed, become better persons, grown spiritually.
    But for some of us, we didn't accomplish all the goals we wanted, or do the things we wanted in the last year. Just remember, though that year's gone, a new one has come.
    Tell me if you wish, what are your goals for this summer and the rest of the 2012?

God bless!

PS: I know, this would've fit better on New Year's ;)

1 comment:

  1. My goals? Simple: Grow in my walk with the Lord, and rewrite Red Sea Rising to include an actual plot :D