Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Literary Endeavors

Happy Holidays, everyone! Christmas and New Years are fast approaching, and I've been readying myself for my 2013 writing goal. :) Have you?
    Anyway, my writing goal for next year is to write a 200,000 word novel. It is an epic fantasy novel in the category of The Lord of the Rings or Vox Day's Arts of Dark and Light.
    In some ways, I wonder whether or not I could actually succeed at such an extravagant goal. I ask myself "What could I possibly write that could take up 200,000 words?" The answer to that question is that I'm going to go deeper in this novel politically, historically, romantically, and I'm going to add more depth in the area of world-building. And I'm going to have a plethura of characters, with which I can extract my evil genius and torture upon! *cue insane laughter* 
    I am really excited about this novel, which I have decided to title, for the time being, A War of Swords, book one of a new series. (I will disclose the name of the series at a later date.)
    In any case... are you guys up for a synopsis?

        In a world where Elves are outlaws, it is unsafe for 18-year-old Ainariel Swiftblade and her comrades to roam the forests, their natural homes. They hide wherever the god of myth, Ahlyos, grants them sanctuary. They practice their ancient rites in the shadows, and are constantly at war with those who would seek to wipe them out forever.
    One day, Ainariel discovers that she isn’t just a normal Elf; she’s special. She’s been bestowed with a special gift. She comes to realize that she is of royal heritage and that her faction of Elves is those that the wicked would seek to destroy.
    She, along with her comrades, seek out the one thing that can restore the Elves to their position as one of the Six Highblood Races of Arylla: an enchanted Sword, rightly named Endirul, Elvish for “Restorer”.
    Ainariel finds an ancient prophecy that directs her path to find Endirul, but first she must travel through the Seven Deadly Territories (name is a work in progress) in search of the wizard who enchanted the blade.
    Will she be able to find Endirul and restore the Elves to the Six, or will those who oppose them be victorious and wipe the Elves off the planet forever?

    I'm sure some of you can imagine why I am so excited for this new Elven fantasy. :) Anyway, I do hope that you enjoyed the preliminary synopsis.
    What do you think? What are your goals for 2013?

God bless,


  1. Well how many words have you written in your past works? So far I've only written 50,000 words in a story but neither of the two books are finished yet. My goal is to finish my Nanowrimo novel before June and then finish my other book, the first in the series, with few complications as possible.

    1. I've written 70,000 words in book one of The Starcrafters' Saga, for book two, there will be about 90,000. Keep writing, you'll get your goal! ^_^ I pray that you have no complications!

      God bless!