Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Last Saturday, June 15th, a book that I have been anxiously awaiting finally released to us, the public! First, I want to show you its BEAUTIFUL cover!




A little bit about the book -
    The year is 2053, and the world is recovering from Morbus, a plague that swept across the globe, destroying millions of lives. Eva Stewart is a promising young WorldCure scientist assigned to a facility in Alaska where she is made a Handler and given her own Subject for research and experimentation. What she believes to be a step up in her career becomes a nightmare when she discovers writing on her Subject's cell wall: I STILL HAVE A SOUL...
    Soon Eva is drawn into a horrific plot kept quiet by WorldCure and as everything she knew collapses around her, she must discover the truth behind her Subject, her beliefs, and herself.

    Does this not sound like epic-ness in paperback format?

About the author -
Mirriam Neal has been writing seriously since she was thirteen, although "seriously" might be taking it a bit far. She loves unique people, unique books, unique music, and plans to continue writing a wide variety of books for the rest of her life. (Taken from the back of the book)

Where you can find said author - 
Facebook - go here!
Goodreads - go here!
Amazon - go here!
Blog - go here!

Monster  by the FANTASTIC Mirriam Neal is NOW AVAILABLE! So go to Amazon (link posted above ^ ) and check it out! I've already got my copy and am definitely starting it soon!

Adios, amigos!

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