Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some of My Favorite Blogs

I thought that today I'd share with you guys some of my favorite blogs... EVER! So I'll be all neat and organized and make a list for you!

1. Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden {Wishful Thinking} - by Mirriam Neal ~ ToaS{WT} is a unique blog where every post is lively and enjoyable... also, Mirriam is a published author, so... yeah.

2. Teenage Writer - by Jake Buller ~ TW is one of my go-to blogs for writing tips, all of which have helped me in some way or another. Plus, Jake is also a published author...

3. Get it Write Tonight Blog - by S. Alex Martin ~ GWTB is one of my absolute favorite "writing tips" blog; Every tip comes from Martin's years of experience as an author.

4. Go Teen Writers - by Jill Williamson and Stephanie Morrill - written by very experienced authors who have  had multiple books published, GTW is one of the best writing communities out there.

So, yeah, these are some of the blogs that I frequent and enjoy to the fullest extent. You should check them out!

God bless,

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