Friday, December 16, 2011

"Forbidden" by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee - Book Review

When I first started Forbidden, I was busy doing tons of stuff. I wondered if I'd ever get the time to read or if the book would even motivate me. Now, I stand corrected. Forbidden was a wonderful tale that I could NOT put down! Dekker and Lee masterfully crafted this book together, melding their styles together to create a piece of thought-provoking art. Forbidden asks the question, "Are you alive?" Are you truly alive, or do you just live your life with no true life flowing through you. This book challenges you. You can only have true life if the blood of Jesus flows through your veins. In this world, we're all dead to truth and we live in fear. But when we accept Jesus' gift of His blood sacrifice. This book is another hit in Ted Dekker's fantasy collection. And Tosca Lee adds a freshness to it, as well! 

I give this book a Five Star review. I definitely recommend this book. 

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