Thursday, December 1, 2011

Starcraft: Basis, Foundation and Definition

First off, I am new to the blogging industry :) *holds for applause*

Secondly, I'm sure you all are wondering, "What exactly is Starcraft?" Well, there are a few points to the definition:

  • It is a gift given to a specific people in a book that I am writing... Paradox.
  • In Paradox, the race known as the Starcrafters are given abilities that allow them to save the lost, and protect the godly. Really, this symbolizes the gifts and talents that God has given His people, and the ability they have to bring people into His kingdom.
  • Starcraft is the spiritual gifts of Holy Spirit: Prophecy; Discernment; Speaking in Tongues; Working of Miracles; etc... 
Thirdly, you may also be wondering, "What exactly does a Starcrafter do?" Well, I'll explain.

  • Each star in the sky that you can't see is represents someone who is lost to the things of God, but each star that you can see represents someone, past, present, future, that has/is, been/being brought into God's everlasting kingdom. Every time a Starcrafter brings a person into God's kingdom a new star is made visible and very, very, bright. But *cues depressing music* every time someone leaves God's kingdom, a visible star disappears from the night sky. Understand? If so, good. :) If not, read over this point again, very carefully. ;) Okay... I'll try to make it clearer. A Starcrafter crafts stars. Lost man is a star that can't be seen, but a saved person is a star that you can see. 
And of course, this is all symbolic, as in my book, which is allegorical, as you've probably already figured out. ;) 

Anyway, now you know the basis, foundations and definitions of Starcraft.

Are you ready to join the ranks of the Starcrafters?

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