Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The New Revolution: Stirring It Up - Part 1

This is part one in a multi-part series that I am going to do on this wondrous blog. It is called The New Revolution. Part one is titled "Stirring It Up" ^^^ As you can see above. ;)


As the title says, this part one is focused on stirring it up. By it I mean our Spiritual lives. Especially for teens, who are constantly surrounded by peer pressure, and conform-ities in the lives of other "Christian" teens.

  • One thing that I continually ask myself is "Why are 'Christian' teens continually using swear words?" Why do teens find swear words okay? They absolutely aren't! This is a very big area of conformity in the lives of teens all over the world. And it is one thing that should be taken into consideration when praying or talking to your pastors, youth pastors, or parents. 
  • Another area of conformity is dating. This is a BIG one. The majority of Christian teens find themselves in relationships. And many times those relationships put temptations in front of them. This is especially difficult for new Christians who are still getting used to what the Bible says and what is morally right. It is better to avert yourself from any temptations by not dating until you have become an adult. 
  • Yet another example is listening to non-Christian music. Why do Christian teens find hard rock music or love songs entertaining? Why do they dabble in rock? Non-Christian music is Satan's way of perverting worship. He was the leader of worship before his fall from the heavens. And now he is out to distort the pure form of music.
There are many, many forms of conformity that are evident in the lives of pressured Christian teens. I would be unable to list them all!

I hope that this post (short as it is) has stirred your heart in any way and helped you to either stay strong, or devote yourself to not conforming to the darkness of this world. 

Remember, in Christ we have Strength. 


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  1. Endurance and Victory back to ye! And never Alone!