Friday, February 24, 2012

A Nod to Narnia in my book!!!

Yes, you read that right. :) In my book, I have written a subtle, yet (hopefully) noticeable nod to one of the best Book/TV franchises to ever exist.
You wanna read it???
maybe I'll let you...
I have to think about it though...
I've thought about it!
Here ya go!

    Jake pushed the door open all the way, turned to see David and Alicia doing the same, and entered the well-lit room.
    The room wasn’t very big. It looked about the size of an average bedroom.
    Jake looked around. The walls were bare, save for a square, stain-glass window in the middle of the wall across from him. On the right side, at the end, stood tall a large, brown wardrobe. The curves, and engravings gave the wardrobe a smooth, beautiful look. 
    At the left end there was a brown chest, similar in style to the wardrobe. It’s round lid had the same symbol as that on the door to the room engraved on it. 
    Jake walked to the wardrobe first. He reached for the elegant, iron knobs that were attached to the to doors. He opened the doors wide. 
    Leaning against the inside was a sheathed sword. Next to it, at the bottom of the wardrobe, was a shining helmet. Jake could see his surprised expression reflected in it. 
    He grabbed the sword’s leather scabbard with his left hand and slid the heavy blade out with his right. It was identical to the sword Valar had given him. He ran his fingers along the foreign inscription. 
    Jake sheathed the sword and grabbed the helmet. He closed the wardrobe and walked over to the other side of the room, where the chest was.

Enjoy! And please remember that all material on this blog is COPYRIGHTED!!! Thank you!


  1. It's cool! Although it's almost exactly like the room in the movie... you might not want to make it too obvious of a nod towards Narnia.
    And you might not want to use the name Valar for someone when it's already been used in LotR.
    But that's just my opinion.

  2. Thanks, W4C! I know. But that's only half of the room. There's another side to it. I tried to make the nod subtle.
    I actually have not read or watched the LotR books/movies. So... I was originally going to go with Valor, but one thing led to another and thus, Valar was created! :)
    I appreciate your opinions and inputs, W4C.
    God bless