Saturday, February 18, 2012

The New Revolution: Change - Part 2

Change... Something that intimidates many, yet excites many others.
Change... Something that is inevitable.
Change... Something we all need.
Change... A vital part in starting a new revolution.

Some people often fear change. They're comfortable in their rut of conformity. They're comfortable in their stagnant waters. They're comfortable with their dull lives. They're comfortable with the status quo. They don't want to give anything up, to sacrifice anything.

But some people are open to change.

So who will lead the charge in this new revolution? Those open to change, or those who fear it?

Why is change so vital to the revolution? - If you are open to change then you are open to sacrifice. If we set an example of openness for the world, then we can change it. We can revolutionize the world through change.   In order to help the world be open to change, we must be ourselves.

We need to get out of our rut of conformity. We need to stir up our stagnant waters. We need to revitalize our dull lives. We need to abandon the status quo and the expectations of our generation. We need to learn to sacrifice the worldly to change the Kingdom.

"It takes change to change a broken world..."


  1. Brian, once again, your passion is showing. God bless you with greater and greater vision.

  2. I am checking to see if I am still and unknown