Friday, February 17, 2012

Elusive Faith - by Esther Seaton Dummer

Well then, I have something very important and exciting to share. My grandmother, new to the published author's community, though not new to the writer's community, has written a wondrous book entitled Elusive Faith.

Esther Seaton Dummer is a veteran pastor along with her husband, Loren Dummer, and they are the founders of Going Up to High Places, a biannual conference at Clatskanie Assemblies of God church, Gateway Worship Center.

Elusive Faith    "'Faith' may not seem like the most exciting subject to study. But then again, perhaps a fresh wind is blowing on what some consider a 'stale' subject; entering this powerful study of the topic just might revolutionize your faith life.
    "You may not be the same once you have ventured onto this dusty road again, pushing past every obstacle that hinders your progress into a deeper relationship with God and His Word."

A word from the author: "I pray that as you receive this ministry, God will drop this fresh word deep into your heart and bring encouragement in your journey of faith - and that you, too, will learn the joy of sojourning!"

A Review: "A must read for anyone who desires to know the 'why', 'when', and 'how' of their own life. It is equally vital to a church that seems to have all of the equipment for success, but, the fruit of their efforts seems pitiful and lacking in light of the immense needs of their congregants, their community, and humanity at large." 
~ Patti Thompson, author of Ashes to Gold and  Dance of the Broken Heart, both widely read within the Christian community.

For anyone who is interested, here is the link:

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Note: Now I'm starting to sound like a commerciali! XD

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