Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't believe in doorways to other worlds? I do.

    Don't believe in doorways to other worlds? Well... I do.
    I call them books. To me, books, if written perfectly, are gateways to other worlds where there are countless possibilities. They are portals to universes billions and billions of miles away.
    Sometimes, even, they hold secrets of times past and unlock treasures of the future and of our own hearts. With them, we can see right and wrong painted clearly before us. We can learn to not pre-judge others and to love unconditionally. We can see vast landscapes of the planet that was made by God and that "God so loved, that He gave..."
    With them we can travel into the stars, watch supernovas explode, see battles between the Angels of the hosts of heaven and the demons of the pits of hell.
    With them we can watch as Jesus shed His blood for mankind, as the partition, the veil, is torn in two.
    With them we can travel to fantastic worlds where we can be elves, dwarves, hobbits, knights, damsels, princes, princesses, Dragonkeepers, etc...
     Without them... our imagination is kept in a cell of utter darkness and despair. Without them, we our bound by chains of hopelessness, wrapped in ropes of fire, burning away our ability to see right from wrong.
    Without them... we would be lawless, hopeless, dead to the world.
    Without them... we wouldn't know of salvation, of Jesus' suffering, and of God's sacrifice.


  1. I totally agree about books being doors to other worlds!
    God bless you!

  2. Awesome, Writer4Christ!
    God bless you as well!