Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mega Giveaway!!!

    What? You thought that this was the giveaway post? Nah... Here's the goal, though.
    If you help me reach 50 followers on this blog by May 7 (my birthday ;) I will give away a complete book set!
    Yep! You heard right. I will be giving away THREE books! A trilogy!
    In case the instructions were unclear, let me explain it further: if my blog, Starcraft, gains fifty followers by May seventh, then I will post the official giveaway post in which you can comment on in order to enter. No, commenting on this post doesn't enter you. You will have to comment on the official giveaway post, which will be dated May 7!
    You have 27 days to recruit as many followers as you can so get cracking! ;)

PS: I will reveal the trilogy I will be giving away on April 15. That's five days from now.

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