Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I'm giving away.

So, it's April 15, the day I reveal the prize that I will be giving away starting May 7.
Do you want to know what the trilogy is???
Do ya?
What do ya say?
Fine, fine! I'll tell you!

The winner will receive all three books in hardcover format. They will look like those in the image above.

Remember, if you want a shot at winning these, then invite your own blog followers to come and follow this blog. The goal is to get my blog to up to 30 followers.

1. Start inviting people through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc...
2. Repost this blog post to your own blog
3. Follow it yourself!

Good luck, my loyal followers, family, and friends. 

PS: no special treatment will be given to my acquaintances, family, or friends. 


  1. Done. Always glad to help out a fellow Christian writer, my friend. Of course, even if I wasn't... how could I resist when you tempt me with one of my favorite authors?
    You can read my post here:

  2. Awesome, Ms. Pursselley! Thank you for contributing! And good luck in the drawing!

  3. So happy I found this blog (and the giveaway) I shared it on Facebook!

  4. I don't post stuff on Facebook, but I'm definitely posting this on my blog :D Will that still count?


  5. I too don't use Facebook and I've only just started my blog, so I'm gonna spread the word the old fashion way. By mouth. :) Good luck, hope I help.

    1. Awesome, Hannah! It will definitely help!
      Remember, we only need eight more followers and you (the followers) have fourteen days left to collect them!
      Good luck!