Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Cyberbully" A special movie review!

I don't normally do movie reviews, but the movie I am about to review was so amazing and touching that I just had to share something about it, at the least! So, give it up for the movie of the day: Cyberbully starring Emily Osment and Kay Panabaker.

The film follows Taylor Hillridge, a teenage girl who receives a computer for her birthday from her mom. Taylor is excited by the independence of going online without her mother always watching her. 
    However, Taylor soon finds herself the victim of cyberbullying when she becomes a member of a social website. She becomes afraid to face her friends, including her best friend Samantha, and is pushed to a breaking point.
    Taylor almost commits suicide by overdosing with pills, but cannot get the lid off, and is sent to the hospital. 
    Taylor's mom learns from the incident and takes on the school system and state legislation to prevent others from going through the same problem as her daughter.

First, I'd like to say that this is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was touching, heart-wrenching and provoking. I immediately felt connected to the character as though I, myself, knew her. At one point in the movie, I was worried about what she might do next. My heart picked up pace as she was attempting to commit suicide. My head was screaming "No!".
    This movie, in my own opinion, is like no other. I'm sure there are others of its kind, but I strongly doubt that there are many more that achieved the same level of connectivity with its viewers.
    I can personally guarantee that anyone who watches this movie, which is available on Netflix, will cry with Taylor and feel everything she is feeling. I guarantee that this movie will pull you in and leave you feeling sad that you finished it. Cyberbully will be a movie that I will watch again and again.
    I fully recommend this movie to people of all ages, but be aware that there is some minor language throughout the movie.
    I give this movie a 10 stars out of 5. ;)

10 of 5 stars!


  1. This movie sounds cool. I'll look into it.
    Have you heard of the movie October Baby? It's a Christian movie that's in theaters. I haven't seen it yet but many people were touched by it.

  2. Awesome! Also be aware that there is crude content, but the story is fantastic.
    No, I have not yet seen October Baby, but it looks really interesting and I hope to see it in the future. I do so enjoy both action-packed movies and touching, heart-warming movies with wholesome stories behind them.