Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are you a Starcrafter?

Well, if you read the very first post, which you can journey to see here, then you know what a Starcrafter represents.
In my book, a Starcrafter is someone who is blessed by God with great gifts, specifically the ability to lead people to a hope that they would have otherwise never come across.
So I ask you, are you a Starcrafter? Do you use your natural gifts and talents (given to  you by God) to benefit the Kingdom? Do you lead people to the hope that is at the foot of the Cross?
If you do, then you are... a Starcrafter.
If you don't... then it's time to either find out what gifts and talents God has given you, or to start using them to the best of your abilities.
Join the Starcrafters... NOW.

Signing off,

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