Monday, June 11, 2012

Changes to the Blog

    I've decided that now that I am getting closer and closer to publishing my book, that I will change this blog from just a writing blog to an author blog. The title will be changed, as will the domain name. This post is to inform you of such. The new title will be Shattering the Darkness: The Author Blog of Brian McBride.
    The reason, you ask? Because Shattering the Darkness represents every project I have and will work on. Good versus evil, light versus darkness, God versus Satan.
    I have created the banner already! Here it is!

    So what do you guys think?
    Also, the new address is

God bless,


  1. I like it! Now that I finally found the link. ;) My blogger dashboard got all messed up when you deleted your other blog!

    1. Sorry about the inconvenience! I just put the new address at the top of the post!

  2. I agree with BushMaid. I do like your new blog look :D
    But I do think that you should put the new blog address right at the top of the post, because the posts were still linked to your old blog address, which is no longer existent, and I could only see the first sentence or two on my dashboard :)

    1. I'm glad you guys like the new look. Though, again, I'm sorry about the inconvenience. I fixed that so hopefully people can now see the new address at the top of their post on their dashboard. :)