Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great News!

    Most of you know that I have entered a contest with Westbow Press. Well... I just got a call from one of the reps today. He said that Paradox sounds very interesting and like something that would fit really well with their publishing house. We went over all the details, publishing packages, what other houses I'm looking at, word count, how far along I am, book covers, platforms for marketing, etc...
    It is very exciting when you talk with someone who is interested in publishing your book for you, and now I believe that Westbow is a definite possibility, whether I win the contest or not!
    I've never answered what you would call a "business phone call" before. This was my first time. I feel pretty confident that I successfully represented myself in a proper manner.
    Have any of you ever had something like this happen to you?

God bless,


  1. That's awesome!! I haven't had that happen to me yet, but then again I haven't entered any contests. Hehe.

  2. OH my gosh, that's so exciting. I've NEVER had this happen to me. I hope I'm as lucky as you someday! :D

  3. Wow, Brian, that IS great news! That's very exciting. Congratulations :D

  4. Thanks, guys! I will talk with him again after we find out whether or not I won the contest. :D

  5. Yay, that is way awesome Brian! That's never happened to me before, though. Hope everything goes great! Keep us updated!

  6. I've had editors take me by surprise before, but never anything like this.
    Hearty congratulations, Brian. This is a big step and it sounds like you took it skillfully. Well done.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! This is exciting news!!!!!! I hope it goes really well!!!