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Character Interview #5 - Nienna Hahluaseer

Character Interview #5 - Nienna Hahluaseer

Welcome back! If you’re wondering how to pronounce Nienna’s name, then read this: Nee-in-uh Ha-lew-ah-se-er. Did that help? I hope so. Anyway, welcome back for interview number five! Enjoy!

Nienna Hahluaseer - Elf Ranger and Deuce Clan Leader

Me - Welcome, Nienna. How are you today?

Nienna Hahluaseer - I am well. How about you, Brian?

Me - I am very good, thank you. So, tell us what it’s like to be an Elf Ranger.

NH - I would guess that it is not much different than being a human. However, we do live in giant trees that can house entire clans, and we do spend our entire lives training in the Elfin arts.

Me - Not only are you an Elf, you’re also the daughter of the former leader of the Deuce Clan.

NH - … Yes, but since my father has died, I have been preparing myself to take his place. I intend to lead my clan to the best of my ability. I will fight for the light until my very last breath. I will fight for us.

Me - I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job. Would you mind telling us who the other half of this “us” is?

NH - He told me not to tell, so I will not.

Me - So it’s a HE, huh?

NH - I will not discuss it further.

Me - Okay, then. How was your life affected when you became a close friend of the Starcrafters, who also happen to be the rulers of Talora?

NH - My life was not affected as much as you would think. The difference is that I have… friends in high places. So to speak.

Me - I see. What are the responsibilities of a clan leader?

NH - We must ensure the safety of our clan. We assign duties and tasks to the elves. We must ensure that all tasks are fulfilled. We lead our clan into war. We represent our clans during meetings with the other clan leaders.

Me - That’s a lot of responsibility.

NH - My father taught me well.

Me - How are the other clan leaders receiving you, a female, as the new leader of the Deuce Clan?

NH - They are taking it quite well. They seem not to have much of an issue with it. Amrod is quite supportive.

Me - And who is Amrod?

NH - He was my father’s mentor before my father married into the Deuce Clan. He is like a second father to me, and since my own father’s passing, he has taken me under his wing.

Me - That must be nice to know that you always have someone who looks out for you.

NH - Indeed.

Me - So, what are you up to now?

NH - Well, the Rulers of Talora and I have just returned to our individual homes from a mission.

Me - What was the mission?

NH - Let’s just say we were retrieving something of great importance.

Me - What do you believe?

NH - I believe that Trand is the Creator of all things, He is the giver of life, love, and joy. He is the Master of the Universe, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting One.

Me - Has your faith remained steady even after your father’s death?

NH - Mostly, yes. However, I understandably struggle with doubt. Sometimes I wonder how He could take my father from me, but then I remember that I still have a Father in Him. Also, it helps to know that my father has passed on into the eternal.

Me - That would be very comforting.

NH - Indeed. Do you have any further questions for me?

Me - Yes. One more. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

NH - That is a hard question. I’ve never really given it much thought. I suppose that I see myself leading my people to the very best of my ability. I see myself living with the man I love and raising a family, all the while destroying the Darkness that would destroy my life, but it will NOT succeed.

Me - Thank you, Nienna, for joining us today. Come again soon!

NH - Goodbye.

Tune in next time for an interview with their mentor, Jarush D’vanos!

Feel free to leave any questions you may have for Nienna in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Nienna! You're an elf? Cool! What part do you elves play in all this?

    1. Nienna: Hello, Becki. Yes, I am. Haha. It is a funny story, actually. Jake had escaped the Renegades and ran into the forest. Me and my fa- ... I'm sorry. Me and my father were hunting when we saw Jake stumble into the clearing. He scared our catch away. I almost shot him with my arrow. XD Anyway, us Elves are allied with the Talorans and the surrounding towns in the fight against Darkness. If you ever read our story, you'll see us pop in about halfway through it and again at the end. Did that answer your question well enough?

  2. Hello, Nienna. Lovely to meet you.
    Do you have a hard time balancing your duties as a ranger with being the leader of your clan? Did you have to give some things up to prioritize others?

    1. Nienna: Hello, Mary. Lovely to meet you as well.
      Actually, I do not. Many of the ranger's responsibilities of a ranger cross with my responsibilities as the leader. However, there are some that don't. That's where having a Second (in command) comes in handy. :)