Monday, June 11, 2012

Christian Fantasy or Just Fantasy Written By Christians?

    This is a question that plagues a lot of fantasy-fiction writers, like myself. We have to decide what message we want to send and if we want it to be explicitly Christian or just fantasy with Christian morals and messages.
    For Paradox, I chose to write explicitly Christian, though not in a preachy way - save for a short "church" scene, which may be removed at a later date. Why did I choose to write that way? Mostly because I felt that's what I should write, but also because it fits the theme of the book, which is destiny. Without God, we have no destiny, therefore, God came into the picture.
    Now, this doesn't mean that I prefer Christian Fantasy over just Fantasy, it just means that that is what I chose to write with at that time. For some Christian writers who write just Fantasy, like D. Barkley Briggs, author of The Book of Names, Corus the Champion, The Song of Unmaking, The Ravaged Realm, they way they write really works for them and they are still able to portray their Christian message of hope, salvation, redemption, etc...
    I personally like both, and, depending on Paradox's reception, I might continue to write Christian fantasy. However, I do have some regular fantasy novels planned, so if you were worried that I would continue to write explicitly Christian, you can fret no longer. That doesn't mean, though, that I won't write anymore Christian books. Just for your information. ;)
    Anyway, what do you prefer? Christian Fantasy or just Fantasy written by Christians?

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