Friday, June 1, 2012

New Things

I know that I canNOT be the only one here who loves finding new things; bands, books, authors, blogs, friends, websites, etc...
    I would like to share some new things with you.

    NEW THING #1
    I am now a fan of the band Fireflight. This is all thanks to the folks at The Sharpening Stone, a random blog that I stumbled across through another blog.

    NEW THING #2
    I have just placed two orders for a Knight's Dagger and a Crusader Chivalry Knight's Sword. This is thanks to the job that I am blessed to have.
Szco Supplies Knight's Dagger    Medieval Crusader Chivalry Knight's Long Sword w/ Scab

    NEW THING #3
    I have been introduced to the wonderful and exciting world of author Estevan Vega. This is thanks to those who run Ted Dekker's Facebook page!

    NEW THING #4
    I have been introduced to the wonderful world of The Dreamers, thanks to Oliver Dahl, the creator of the novel.

    NEW THING # 5
    I have been given a chance to enter into a Westbow Press contest and have my book published for free IF I win. This is thanks to my grandmother, Esther Seaton Dummer (author of Elusive Faith and Bedrock Faith) for sharing it on Facebook.

    Most of us love new things, do we not? We love the feel and the SMELL of brand new books when we open them, when we look upon their covers. We love to pop a CD into our CD players or computers and listen to never-before-listened-to songs. We love to buy new things; clothes, books, etc...
    You'll notice, that for each new thing I listed, I had someone to thank for each thing.
    So what are some new things you've done, got, and who do have to thank for those who gave you/introduced to you those new things?


  1. I'm a big fan of Christian rap thanks to my brother James.
    I'm a fan of techno/space music thanks to the multi-author project Avenir Eclectia.
    I'm a HUGE fan of Steampunk thanks to my friend Ashley introducing me to the genre.

    Good luck in the Westbow contest. And yes, Fireflight rocks. Their song 'Unbreakable' is amazing.

  2. Oh, wow, I love the dagger and sword :D

    I'm a fan of Christian fantasy, thanks to Lewis and Tolkien. I can still remember devouring Lord of the Rings when I was around ten and just being enthralled by it :D

    I play the violin, thanks to Mairead from Celtic Woman.

    Oh, I might have to enter that contest too! I'm always looking for a good one :D

  3. New thing: I'm going to write it with God's help.

  4. That's great, guys!
    Mary, thanks for wishing me luck! :D
    Elizabeth: you should. It's free, so why not!
    Writer4Christ: that's awesome!