Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Character Interview #1 - David Joshua Hayes

CHARACTER INTERVIEW #1 - David Joshua Hayes

    Hey, everyone! Welcome to my first character interview with my main character for my novel Paradox and my current work-in-progress, Eclipse. I will be separately interviewing each character for not only my benefit, but also yours! Today, I will interview David Hayes.

Me - David, hello! How are you?

David Hayes - I’m fine. You?

Me - I’m well. Thanks for asking. First question - to help us get to know you a little better: how old are you?

DH - I’m eighteen, though I was sixteen when I did my first project, Paradox.

Me - Did you enjoy working on book one of The Starcrafters’ Saga?

DH - I did. It was definitely interesting getting to know everyone, though I already knew my sister, Alicia, fairly well. The details and world-building was amazing!

Me - *grins* Thank you! What school do you go to?

DH - I go to Tigard High School in Oregon. Or, rather, I did, that is before I stumbled into Paragon.

Me - Uh-huh. Who is your best friend?

DH - Jake. We’ve been pretty close all of our lives, but I think our little adventure in Paragon brought us closer.

Me - Interesting. Had the story turned out differently and you hadn’t gone to Paragon, where do you think you’d be right now.

DH - … I’d probably be dead.

Me - Oh? Why’s that?

DH - I don’t like to talk about it.

Me - I know that it must be difficult, but it might help if you get it off of your chest.

DH - *sighs* Fine. If my life had kept going the way it was, then I probably would’ve ended up overdosing on drugs, or worse, been shot to death.

Me - Oh, my…

DH - *nods* Next question, please. I’m kind of in a hurry.

Me - What’s the rush?

DH - You of all people should know. You are, after all, my boss.

Me - I may know, but the audience does not. Please explain.

DH - Fine. We’re trying to find six artifacts in order to - once again - save Talora from ultimate doom.

Me - Interesting.

DH - Next question, please.

Me - Fine. How did you take the news that you were a Starcrafter and not even a human?

DH - At first I was scared, but then I started to realize that it was cool and that this - right here and now - was and is my destiny. I was destined to be redeemed from my past and set on the path to a better future.

Me - Huh. What would you say is your strongest point? What is your most overwhelming part of your personality, the part that makes you who you are today?

DH - I would say that my strongest point is that I have a willingness to be a leader and to protect those I love.

Me - Interesting. And your weakest point?

DH - Do I really have to answer that?

Me - Yes.

DH - Fine. In that case, doubt.

Me - Really?

DH - Yeah. I still struggle with doubt, even after all that I’ve seen and done, after all that Trand - God - has shown me and done for me. The doubt is still there, trying to grow.

Me - I will see to that.

DH - *nods*
Me - Are you prepared for the changes that are in store for you in Eclipse?

DH - In some ways, yes; and in others, no.

Me - Remember, the audience hasn’t read book one, so your answers cannot be too revealing.

DH - Okay. I’m excited about moving on with the story, but I’m also scared about what is going to happen next.

Me - I see. Last question, I promise. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

DH - I see myself fervently and ardently serving Trand with all of my heart. I see my family together again, and I see Paragon restored fully to its former glory under Trand, and I see the Darkness shattered.

Me - *smiles* Thank you, David, for joining us today for this interview. I know that some of the questions were tough and that you have things that you need to do.

DH - Thanks for having me. I really enjoyed doing this.

Me - Maybe we can do this again sometime.

DH - That’d be nice.

Me - Bye! *waves*

Tune in next time for an interview with David’s twin sister Alicia!

Feel free to leave any questions you may have for David in the comments below!

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  1. Hey David! It was nice meeting you. I'm intrigued by this "Starcrafters" thing you speak of. What exactly is a "Starcrafter?"

    1. David: Hey, Becki! It was nice meeting you as well! A while ago Brian wrote the basis and definition of a Starcrafter. I will post the link to it now. http://jointhestarcrafters.blogspot.com/2011/12/starcraft-basis-foundation-and.html

    2. Ooh, thanks! I will check it out immediately! :)

  2. Great interview! Thanks, Brian and David, for this fun discussion. It really has me looking forward to reading these stories!

    1. Brian - Thanks! I'm glad that it whets your appetite for the story!
      David - Thank you, Mary! It means a lot to know that there are people who look forward to hearing my story and that I'm not the only one who seeks this adventure. ;)