Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Character Interview #3 - Hannah Rose Clement

Character Interview #3 - Hannah Rose Clement

Welcome back for interview number three! Today I will be interviewing Hannah.

Hannah Clement - One of four rulers of Talora

Me - Hannah! Welcome!

Hannah Clement - Thank you.

Me - How are you this fine day?

HC - I’m… okay, I guess. You?

Me - Me? I’m fine. Why are you just “okay”?

HC - I’m tired. It’s been a long week, with the bat attack and all. That and trying to find the artifacts that can save them.

Me - I see. I suppose I should get onto the questions?

HC - Yes.

Me - That wasn’t a question.

HC - I knew that. ;)

Me - Haha. Uh-huh. How old are you?

HC - I’m eighteen; the same age as the others.

Me -  What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

HC - I guess I would describe myself as… perky. Haha.

Me - Really?

HC - Yeah. I may not be showing that side of me right now - because I’m sooooo tired - but I am normally VERY perky. Also, dependable.

Me - What do you think about everything that’s happened to you these past two years?

HC - Honestly, it’s all been so amazing. I’m so grateful to have had the nails ripped out of my past and been planted in a new situation with new people and a new life.

Me - I know this next question is kind of personal, but I asked the others. They said I HAVE to ask you the same question; it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t.

HC - I understand. What is it?

ME - What is your biggest regret? Your deepest, darkest secret.

HC - Wow… That is REALLY personal…

Me - …

HC - Did Alicia and David answer that one?

Me - Yes, they did.

HC - I guess I have to then… When I was little *deep breath* my uncle would abuse me, if you catch my drift.

Me - Oh, my. I’m so sorry.

HC - *nods* Thanks.

Me - So stumbling into Paragon was really a blessing for you, then.

HC - Yes. *tears up* You’ve no idea how wonderful it is to be around people who love you and care about you.

Me - What is the hardest part about coping with the fact that you are actually human, unlike your friends.

HC - Sometimes I feel like I’m less important than they are, but lucky for me I have Trand constantly reminding me of my own destiny. Though it may be different than theirs, I have my own path that I must travel.

Me - What is your weakest point in your personality?

HC - I feel like I have to fix everything. I’m a perfectionist.

Me - What’s your strongest point?

HC - Because of what I’ve been through I’ve always been a protector, but even more than that I think that I’m a servant at heart.

Me - What do you think would have happened to you if you had never found Paragon?

HC - I probably would’ve ran away from home. In fact, I was planning on it when all of this happened.

Me - Really?

HC - Yeah.

Me - Okay. Last question. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

HC - I see myself doing everything I can to be a servant and a protector of my people, family and friends.

Me - Thank you for enduring all of my questions.

HC - Thank you so much for having me here today.

Me - I hope that we can bring you back again sometime in the future. Bye!

Tune in next time for an exclusive interview with Jake.

Feel free to leave any questions you may have for Hannah in the comments below. She’d be delighted to answer them for you.

God bless,


  1. Hey Hannah. :) It sounds like you and your friends get along well. I'm not sure where I would be without my friends, that's for sure. I know what you mean about wanting to fix everything. I'm not a perfectionist by any stretch of the word, but I like making sure everything is safe for everyone I care about, and it worries me when I can't. Sometimes I think it's more of a flaw than a good characteristic.

    So if you're a human, how did you get involved in all this?

    1. Hannah: Hello, Becki! Yes, we do get along quite well. Though we're not without our... moments. ;) It's nice to find someone that I can kind of relate to. Haha.

      Here's the answer to your question: I have no idea. It could have been a mistake, but I don't think so. I think it was my destiny. But a better answer to your question would probably be that I just happened to stumble through the same portal that the others did.

    2. Eh, we all have our "moments". I have eight brothers and sisters and at least as many close-ish friends. Trust me, I know about "moments". :D

      Ooh, I love stories where everyone gets thrown together! There's so much more tension, because sometimes (oftentimes) you're forced to work with people you don't like.

  2. Hello, Hannah!
    I would like to expand on Becki's question and ask what your feelings were when you discovered that your best friend wasn't human. How did that effect you?

    1. Hannah: Hello, Mary! It affected me quite a bit. I was affected in a way that I'm not proud of and things happened to me that still sadden me to think about them. For instance, I was so disappointed when I found out that I didn't have powers like my friends - though at the time Jake and David weren't really friends. In a jealous fit I made some rash decisions. I opened my heart to things I shouldn't have and let the darkness take hold of me. From there, it all went downhill.
      However, I'm glad to say that I am living for the King today!